Exchange Rates and reference indexes: 16.09.2014

3 m. SOFIBOR 0.699

6 m. SOFIBOR 1.227

3 m. EURIBOR 0.084

6 m. EURIBOR 0.188

CHF/BGN BUY 1.5941 SELL 1.6381

EUR/BGN BUY 1.9500 SELL 1.9610

GBP/BGN BUY 2.4213 SELL 2.4813

USD/BGN BUY 1.4917 SELL 1.5317





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Web Banking

Alpha Web Banking can be used with any of the following two options depending on the customer's preference explicitly stated in the Application Form for using the service:

1. Alpha Web Passive Banking - the customer is granted access to the following services:
            a. view account balances
            b. monitor account activity
            c. receive information on the Bank's foreign exchange rates
            d. change the password for access to the system

2. Alpha Web Active Banking - the customer is provided access to initiate and authorize electronically any of the following bank transactions:
            a. internal transfers
            b. domestic transfers in BGN
            c. transfers in foreign currency
            d. creation of beneficiary templates

To use Alpha Web Banking Services you need to get acquainted with the new General Terms and Conditions, the applicable Tariff and Frame Agreement for the Provision of Payment Services, fill in an Application-Agreement and visit your servicing Office. You will receive User ID and Password for access to the system. Initiating active transactions is possible only after you enter a one-time password generated from a Token - a hardware device providing additional security to the system.

Useful documents:
Short User Guide for first login is available here.
Instructions on using the Token device are available here.
Detailed User Guide is available here.
Time constraints of the Web Banking system is available here.
Frequently Asked Questions are available here.
The present bank Tariff is available here.

LOGIN to Alpha Web Banking.

For additional information and questions, you can contact us at:
Phone: +359 2 810 34 34 (working days from 8:30h to 19:30h)

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