Exchange Rates and reference indexes: 12.02.2016

3 m. SOFIBOR 0.197

6 m. SOFIBOR 0.47

3 m. EURIBOR -0.175

6 m. EURIBOR -0.111

CHF/BGN BUY 1.7074 SELL 1.8474

EUR/BGN BUY 1.9500 SELL 1.9610

GBP/BGN BUY 2.4322 SELL 2.5722

USD/BGN BUY 1.6898 SELL 1.7698





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New Cut-Off Times to Web Banking International Transfers

As of June 29th, 2015, the outgoing international transfers, entered through the Alpha Bank Bulgaria Web Banking platform, are subject to new cut-off times, namely 11:30AM, and will be processed as follows:

  • EUR currency: Same day (T+1); ТОМ (T+2); SPOT (T+3)
  • USD currency: Same day (T+2); ТОМ (T+3); SPOT (T+4)

– The date of accounting of the payment

AlphaWeb Banking is the online banking system of Alpha Bank Bulgaria.
With Alpha Web Banking you can manage your funds easily and comfortably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter from the working time of your office. With Alpha Web Banking Service you can do:

  • All kind of transfers in BGN and foreign currency
  • Budget transfers for paying taxes, insurances and etc.
  • Deposits opening
  • Repayment of monthly installments on existing loans and credit cards
  • Utility bills payments
  • Non-cash currency exchange and etc.

AlphaWeb Banking provides you with high levels of security through encryption of information with SSL protocol, as well as regulated access with username and password needed to make only reference (Passive banking) and by Token device needed to perform all type of transactions (Active banking).
You can apply for Alpha Web Banking service at any convenient office of Alpha Bank Bulgaria.

To manage easily your finance through Alpha Web Banking, we recommend you to use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. If you need further assistance contact us on: 02/810 34 34 or e-mail:

We would like to remind you that Alpha Bank will never ask you for your personal data or your password in any way (e.g. via phone or e-mail). These are strictly personal and you must never reveal them to anyone. We would like to warn our customers to never provide in any circumstances such information even if the data has been requested from an internet site that has the Alpha Bank logo or a similar design. We strongly recommend e-mail messages or any of the sort to be immediately deleted.

Sign on to Alpha Web Banking only via or the official website of Alpha Bank ( Never via other links appearing on other websites, search engines or e-mail messages.

To Create and use a strong password is an important part of using Alpha Web Banking service. Your password should contain:

  • Between 8 and 12 characters
  • At least one small letter
  • At least one capital letter
  • At least two numeric characters.

For better security do not use any of the following:

  • Personal information such as names and dates of birth
  • Models of the keyboard such as QWERTY or 12345, strongly recommend you to avoid a series of numbers in order
  • Repetition of characters, such as mmmm3333
  • The same password that you use for other applications.

Tips that will help you to remember your password:

  • Create a unique acronym sentence or phrase you want
  • Include phonetic replacements, such as "Luv2Laf" for "Love to laugh" ("I love to laugh")
  • Mix the syllables in the word, such as "cetenSe" to "Sentence"

If you have forgotten your password, please visit the nearest office of Alpha Bank Bulgaria.

To receive your new password in our office, you must provide an identity card or passport issued by the country of nationality. 

According to Alpha Bank Bulgaria Security Policy, confidential information (including passwords) are available only in the offices of Alpha Bank Bulgaria

What is Alpha Web Banking?
Alpha Web Banking is a web based platform which provides you with a quick and secure way to manage your funds. Online or Web Banking offers a wide range of services, low cost operations and opportunities to easily manage the funds.
What can I do with Alpha Web Banking?
  • Transfers in domestic and foreign currency in the country and abroad
  • Transfer of funds between own accounts
  • Quick and easy opening of a deposit
  • Utility bills payments
  • Currency exchange
  • Tracking balances and account movements and chronology of the operations performed
  • Repayment of installment loans and credit cards
What are the advantages of Alpha Web Banking?
  • Easy and convenient access to your accounts at anytime, from anywhere in the world
  • Organize and control your money in a convenient and easy format
  • Lower fees for transfers ordered by online channels compared to those carried out in the Bank's branches
  • Secure transfers and payments guaranteed by the use of Token device for authorization of transactions
What are the levels of access of Alpha Web Banking?
  • Passive level of access - only information on balances and account movements
  • Active level of access - to initiate all payments variety through online way
Is there a registration fee and / or monthly fee for support of Alpha Web Banking?
  • Registration for using Alpha Passive Web Banking services is free
  • Registration for using Alpha Active Web Banking services is charged once with 30 BGN.
How to register?
To apply for Alpha Web Banking service you just have to visit the nearest branch of Alpha Bank and to fill an application.
How long after registration I can use the service?
You can use the service within two working days after submission of the application.
What kind of browser should I use?
Most secure access to Alpha Web Banking provides Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
I can not get into Alpha Web Banking, what could be the reasons?
  • You have no Internet connection
  • You have entered wrong username or password
  • You use a different browser than Internet Explorer
What I have to do if I forget my username or password?
  • In case you forgot your User ID, please contact the Bank administrator on the telephone 02/810 34 34.
  • In case you forgot your password, you should personally or by proxy to visit the nearest branch of the Bank to get new password
When my web account is locked and what I should do to unlock it?
If you enter wrong password three consecutive times, the system will lock your account. In order to unlock it, you should contact the Bank administrator on telephone 02/810 34 34.
Why, after username and password entering, the symbols written in these fields are automatically deleted and nothing happens?
You have opened more than one windows for entrance to the Alpha Web Banking. Close them and try again.
Can I stop a transfer if it is already confirmed?
In case the transfer is already confirmed, please immediately contact your servicing office.
Why the transactions amount is reflected later in my accounts?
Some technological time is needed for obtaining and processing of the information, related to your transaction, made by Alpha Debit Cards. When the payment has been made abroad, a little bit additional time is needed for receiving this information. While this happens, your payment stays as a "blocked amount". You see this amount in "Account Balance Inquire" since the account has not been debited yet, but the funds are withdrawn.
Is it possible a payment with future value date to be initiated?
The initiation of transactions with future value date is not possible.
Is it possible authorization of payments after the cutoff times (time frames, hours for implementation)?
Yes, authorization of payment orders is possible at any time, regardless of the time and date of initiation of the relevant transaction.
May I close a bank account through Alpha Web Banking?
Alpha Web Banking does not propose the function “closing account”. This operation can be performed only in a bank office.
What should I do if I want to initiate a transfer between my own accounts?
In order to make transfers between your own accounts, it is necessary to use the menu “Payments” → “Internal Transfer”. The transfer amount currency must be the same like the currency of the beneficiary’s account.
What is the Token device and what is it used about?
This device is used to initiate transactions through Alpha Web Active Banking. It is a small electronic hardware device for one-time generation of passwords, which ensures high security convenient during the process of electronic payments making. Once activated, the device connects to the Client’s profile. The Token device has a small screen and a button for passwords generating. Every time you press over the button, a new code is generated, through a complex algorithm.
Accidentally generated six-digit code is used for additional identification, before initiation of each active transaction. This code is jointed with the Client’s profile and could be used only by that client. Codes, generated by the device are unique, which means that one code could be used only for ordering of a single transaction. The code, generated on the device screen must be entered before making the transaction.
Why, during the transaction initiation the system does not accept the password, generated by the token device?
  • Token is not activated. Go to “Customer Services” menu → Verisign Tokens→ Activate Verisign Token. Enter two consecutive generated passwords by the Token and press “Activate Token” button. Once you get a message that the token is activated successfully, continue with transaction initiation.
  • If the token has not been used more than 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to be synchronized from the “Customer Services” menu → Verisign Tokens→ Synchronize Verisign Token. Enter two consecutive generated passwords by the Token and press “Synchronize Verisign Token” button. Once you get a message that the token is synchronized successfully, continue with translation initiation.
  • Token is locked, because of repeatedly generated passwords, which have not been used in the Web banking. To unlock it you should contact the Bank administrator on the telephone 02/810 34 34.
I receive a message that my password expires on a particular date. What should I do?
You could change your password before expire date and after logging into your personal account and go to Administration menu. After expire date the system will require you to change your password during the first successful login.
The Security Policy of the Bank requires change of web banking password every six mounts.

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