Exchange Rates and reference indexes: 19.09.2014

3 m. SOFIBOR 0.7

6 m. SOFIBOR 1.223

3 m. EURIBOR 0.082

6 m. EURIBOR 0.188

CHF/BGN BUY 1.5985 SELL 1.6425

EUR/BGN BUY 1.9500 SELL 1.9610

GBP/BGN BUY 2.4619 SELL 2.5219

USD/BGN BUY 1.4947 SELL 1.5347





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IBAN Information

Dear customers,

Please be informed that starting from 05.06.2006 a new International Bank Account Number (IBAN) was implemented. All accounts you have in the Bank was changed according to this standard requirements.
It is important to know that this account number shall be used for international and local payments.
This change is necessary because of the requirements for modernisation and compatibility of our payment system with the European one. It shall facilitate the international transfers.

In all Bank offices brochures with detailed information for using IBAN are at your disposal. 

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